Andalusia Tour

There is the possibility of booking a route through various points of Andalusia, visiting some colleagues in the provinces of Cordoba, Malaga and Seville, experience the customs and gastronomy of each area. You can freely choose which accommodation to stay overnight and how many days that tour can last.
These are the websites of each accommodation and the link where you can book.

Province of Cadiz (Casa La Felicidad):https:// www.casalafelicidad.es/
Province of Malaga (Casa Don Carlos): https://www.casadoncarlos.com/
Province of Cordoba (Cortijo La Haza): https://www.cortijolahaza.com/
Province of Seville (Finca La Luz): https://www.fincalaluz.com/
Province of Seville (Casa Adelante):https://www.casa-adelante.com/

If you wish to book this tour, you can click on this link:


Happines in our home

Casa La Felicidad is our dream home in Spain. Since then we wanted this place to make a setting for rest and relaxation for our friends and guests. Here's what they do not have elsewhere: Happiness!! A happiness that is given by the rest of the more than 2000 square meter garden, with its idyllic surroundings, a fantastic pool, the birdsong in the morning and our constant attention.

Casa La Felicidad is a traditional Andalusian house! It is the ideal place to disconnect a few days or for a family vacation spot. Besides La Barrosa, one of the best beaches in Spain and with all amenities at hand, our house has been chosen by a large number of visitors every year to get a glimpse of happiness.